Giulia is a modeler and illustrator, who lives here and there, depending on where a new adventure calls her to.

During the years of the Italian Artistic High School she had been attending, she discovered and developed a natural talent for modeling, so she decided to focus her energies and her further studies in this direction.

After the diploma, she enrolled in the " Art and Performing Arts Bachelor program" at the University of Venice and, soon afterwards, she also got admitted to a ''Restoration program" given by the City of  Padua. But in spite of the successes she obtained also in these fields,  she realized that her way was still modeling. 

In 2014 she won the first prize in a contest for beginner sculptors, that took place in Lucca, Tuscany, which provided her the automatic admission to a "Miniature Sculpting Program". 

Even though the chance was great, she preferred to try something even more challenging : to work in the fantastic world of Stop Motion Animation, her greatest passion.

In fact, thanks to the good and in-depth formation she had and also to the continuous mastering of modeling and  animation techniques she has been always keen on, she started to work in a Stop Motion Animation Studio in Florence.

That's how she became the modeler of the Studio itself, working on the 3rd season of Mofy, a tv serie for children, narrating the stories of a group of pretty animals living in the wood. The show is broadcast by a lot of important TV channels all around the world.

She is also currently working as a freelancer, while doing what she likes best, like eating sushi, petting cute cats, going to the mountains and loving the ''Do It Yourself" philosophy. 

About Giulia

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