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About Giulia

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Giulia is a modeler and illustrator who lives here and there, depending on where a new adventure calls her to.

During the years of the Italian Artistic High School she had been attending, she discovered and developed a natural talent for modeling, so she decided to focus her energies and her further studies in this direction.


In 2014 she won the first prize in a contest for beginner sculptors, which provided her the automatic admission to a "Miniature Sculpting Program" at International Comics School in Florence.

During the same year a new adverture came unexpetedly: to work in the fantastic world of Stop Motion Animation, her greatest passion, at Misseristudio, a Stop Motion Animation Studio in Florence.

That's how she became the modeler of the Studio itself, working on the 3rd season of Mofy, a tv serie for children.

After many years of apprenticeship, she is currently working as a freelancer, collaborating with varius studios and artists.

While doing that, she also likes making ceramics  in her new ceramic studio named "Keep it simple" a tribute to simplicity, nature and "do it yourself" philosophy.

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- keep it simple -


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